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M.Sc. Finance at a Glance

Standard period of study: 3 semester plus 1 semester thesis
Semester start: Fall semester (September)
Degree: Master of Science
Campus: Dortmund, Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Berlin
Accreditation: FIBAA, German Accreditation Council
Admission requirements: 30 ECTS points in business or economics-related subjects. All requirements.
Semester abroad: One compulsory integrated
Practical experience: 12 weeks compulsory internship, workshops, excursions
Language: 100% English
Additional language: None
Tuition fees per semester
(1st - 3rd semester):

6,180 Euro in Dortmund and Berlin
6,480 Euro in Frankfurt/Main and Munich

monthly payment possible

Enrollment fee: 600 Euro

Thesis fee (4th semester): 1,200 at all campuses

Please notice: From 2020, the enrollment fee for Non-EU-students is 1,500 Euro.

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Study Profile M.Sc. Finance

Focus: Finance management

If you wish to excel in finance management, the Master in Finance offers the ideal pathway. Furthermore, you will broaden your knowledge of tax, law, accounting and rating procedures. The program enables you to take the basic knowledge you gained at undergraduate level to the next level during three semesters, followed by the master’s thesis.

Regional variations in finance

Internationality is a key element of the master's program, which is taught completely in English. An integrated semester abroad allows you to become familiar with regional variations in international financial markets, while at the same time enhancing your general and specialist foreign language skills. Moreover, the Master in Finance offers you the opportunity to take an international double degree.

High practical content

To ensure the best possible start to your career, the Master in Finance program has a high practical content. Numerous projects illustrate how theoretical knowledge is actually applied in practical situations within companies and allow you to present the results in small teams. Furthermore, during the master’s course you will be required to complete a certain number of compulsory internships in a company.

Solid financial education

The Master in Finance trains you to be a financial expert and manager who has the discipline skills to move directly into responsible management positions.

Program Content

Students are expected to complete the Master in Finance program in three semesters, followed by the master’s thesis.

Semester Abroad

After two semesters at ISM, you will spend a semester at an ISM partner university.

Double Degree

If you decide to enroll in the double degree course, successful study will result in you being awarded a German master’s degree from ISM and a master’s degree from an international partner university.


Your Application at the International School of Management.


As a state-recognized, non-profit university the ISM is solely financed by tuition fees. Upon acceptance of a degree course place at the ISM the applicant has to pay an admission fee. Once you are accepted as a student at the ISM you are required to pay enrolment fees, which amount to 600 Euro.

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