ISM Alumna Samantha Thompson

Traveling overseas to study can be intimidating – but also exciting! Samantha Thompson has taken the chance and completed her degree in International Management at ISM. During her studies, she gained experience as a working student at thyssenkrupp. In the interview, Samantha talks about her time in Germany and how her practice-oriented studies have prepared her for working life.

Did you encounter any challenges while studying and working in Germany?

For me, the biggest challenge was adjusting to the „straight to the point“ culture. I come from a culture that tends to soften feedback, so I wasn’t used to direct communication.

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you moved back to Brazil and you are currently working at Deloitte in São Paulo. What does your job look like?

I work as an Internal Audit Senior Consultant. Some of my responsibilities are developing an internal audit test plan for the specific project and distributing and managing tasks among team members. I’m also carrying out internal audit (IA) tests focused on identifying the risks that may impact the company's business and report the final results and recommendations.

How do you benefit from your studies at ISM in your everyday working life?

I believe that having more practical courses, like the consulting project, allows students to better understand how the market works and gives some experience of real-life work. Additionally, I was able to improve my English and Spanish during my time at ISM, which allows me to also work in projects in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

What advice would you give other international students who want to study in Germany?

I would advise them to build a social network that is not only composed of international people, but also of Germans. Understanding the culture and integrating yourself will help you feel part of the community and less like an outsider. With regard to working, I would say it is important to learn German, as it will broaden your options a lot. Having different experiences that make you stand out from the crowd is always a plus. This could be voluntary work, international experiences, side projects or learning new languages.

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