Andra Gallhöfer

Andra Gallhöfer knew very early on that one day she would go into business for herself. After all, her parents were also entrepreneurs. In 2011, almost two years after graduating from ISM with a bachelor's degree and gaining her first practical experience in online marketing from Danone, the plan was put into practice. Together with her siblings Isabelle and Ferdinand, Andra Gallhöfer founded the blouse label "byMi".

Neither Andra Gallhöfer nor her siblings studied fashion design. The three business administration graduates have different qualifications in sales, finance and marketing. "I don't think you need to have studied design - it's more about having a good imagination of a product and recognizing what the customer needs," explains Andra Gallhöfer. "My sister and I had noticed that blouses were either always too short or not fitting in other places," says the 29-year-old about the origin of the idea. "So we started designing our own favorite blouses.

For almost a year, the siblings worked on the "perfect" blouse. Friends and acquaintances had to be served up for the test rehearsal and suitable producers had to be found. An acquaintance programmed the first online shop for the three siblings in return for a delicious dinner. The beginnings were not a walk in the park for the Gallhöfers. "Every day, we drove our car to various dealers and presented our collection to them, says Andra Gallhöfer. "And there have always been setbacks. On the other hand, there were also nice moments when we received a lot of encouragement and received orders directly." The high level of commitment paid off. In the meantime, the blouse label is represented in over 120 very well-known clothing stores throughout Europe, such as Schnitzler in Münster and Ludwig Beck in Munich, and the online shop is also doing well.

The siblings have shared the tasks in their start-up. Andra Gallhöfer is responsible for marketing and sales. Together with her sister, she is responsible for production and design. Isabelle takes care of purchasing and brother Ferdinand is responsible for IT, logistics and finances. "Even if it is often very stressful. I really enjoy my work," says Andra Gallhöfer. "I love getting the best out of a small budget.

In the future, the three entrepreneurs want to further expand sales. "First, we would like to expand our product range," says Andra Gallhöfer. "It is also our dream to open our own stationary store or at least a kind of concept store.

"I first asked myself what a private university would bring me in contrast to a public one. In retrospect, I really appreciated the private university. Alone because of the supervision, the stays abroad, the many group work and soft skills."


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