Nick Möllenbeck

Math is the opposite of boredom for you?! Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? In the finance study program you will become a number cruncher and financial professional. Curious now? ISM student Nick Möllenbeck studies B.Sc. Finance & Management and tells you more about the study program at ISM in this interview.

Why did you decide to study at ISM?
After school, I did an apprenticeship as a banker and got a regional insight into the world of finance. At ISM, I am now also getting to know international finance and not only theoretically, but in a very practical way with study projects and stays abroad. In addition to that, I have been convinced by the university lecturers and their practical experience. As students, we benefit from their experience and are prepared for concrete practical situations.

What do you like best about the program?
The small groups make for very interactive lectures. In addition to the basics, we also discuss current topics such as cryptocurrencies.

What are your plans after graduation?
I'm not 100% sure yet. I am mainly interested in the areas of corporate mergers & acquisitions, asset management and investments. I want to get to know these sectors better through internships and see what I enjoy most. I may also pursue a Master's degree in finance first. You never know what doors will open up in the course of time.

Your tips for studying finance:
It's definitely helpful if you're enthusiastic about the subject. This makes learning much easier. Always take notes of the lecturer's comments in the lectures; they are particularly valuable and can be very useful in the exams.

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