The 26-year-old ISM student Sven Goldammer has been studying at Tec de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico's second biggest city, for the past five months. "For me personally, the helpfulness of the people here is a typical feature of the country."

Sven rents a house with some fellow ISM students and a number of Mexicans, and has immersed himself in the local culture. He spent Christmas with his Mexican landlord – very traditional and family oriented. And the New Year was welcomed in by Sven in Las Vegas – exciting. "Mexico is a country characterised by contrasts: rich and poor, desert and jungle, crime and heartfelt warmth." Sven feels well integrated in the group of international students and Mexicans. Student life at Tec de Monterrey is not too dissimilar to that at ISM. The private run Tec has an excellent reputation as a business school and is well known for its personal and international approach.