Each year roughly 300 students from around the globe spend a semester abroad at ISM. The two visiting students Aneliya Georgieva from Bulgaria and Clémence Gayet from France talk about their experiences in Germany and at ISM.

Why did you choose to enrol on a course at ISM?

Aneliya: I always wanted to spend my semester abroad in Germany, as I really like the country. When it came to picking a university, I was really impressed with the ISM exchange programme.
Clémence: I wanted to learn about the culture and the language. I therefore chose Frankfurt, a city with international flair, and ISM because of the excellent courses on offer.

What do you like best about ISM?

Aneliya: I like everything really: the professors, the lectures, the lecture plan and the atmosphere. I think it's great that all you need is in one place – books, silent zones for learning and tasty food in the cafeteria.
Clémence: The small groups. There are only ten of us in the course. That's a great advantage, as it allows more one-to-one contact with lecturers and provides a chance to learn more.

What is the biggest difference to your home university?

Aneliya: The quality of teaching is very high. The academics are well grounded in the business world and provide us with lots of practical knowledge.
Clémence: The way the lessons are delivered. For instance, in France, I sit there taking notes all the time. At ISM, the lecturers use PowerPoint slides and subsequently provide us with copies.

What kind of images did you have of Germany before you arrived?

Aneliya: I thought the Germans were very strict and always on time – and this is quite true. To tell the truth, I was surprised that German people are so friendly. Everyone is so helpful and positive.
Clémence: My biggest prejudice was that the Germans are always so punctual. But if you live here, you realise it's not always true. Sometimes they're late, too – they're not perfect either.

Three words that best describe your semester abroad:

Aneliya: Travel, motivation, inspiration
Clémence: Discovering, enjoying, adventure

What is your personal opinion after the first few weeks in Germany?

Aneliya: I think Germany is one of the best places in the world to live. You have so many opportunities to progress and broaden your horizons.
Clémence: It's a fantastic experience. Frankfurt is a wonderful, international city. Its central location allows you to visit lots of other cities, such as Munich and Berlin. Furthermore, I get along quite well here, as the majority of people speak English. ISM regularly organises activities for visiting students, for example an international dinner, city tours and parties.