ISM student Maximilian Lüke

Maximilian Lüke is not only an ISM student, but also a passionate football fan. Internships are firmly anchored in his international management studies, which enabled him to immerse himself completely in the world of sport for six months at the sporting goods manufacturer adidas.

"Since my childhood, I have been totally enthusiastic about sports, especially soccer," says the business studies student. "I was all the happier to have the opportunity to gain work experience at one of the largest global sporting goods manufacturers. He completed his internship in the Football Business Unit and thus had a lot to do with the round leather.

Boredom was guaranteed not to come up. To test the balls in action, he travelled from Herzogenaurach to the Dutch club Feyenoord Rotterdam. There he followed a training session and asked the players about their impressions. In another test, he checked the visibility of various balls (such as the "World Cup 18" or "Champions League 18") on crosses. Market research or the procurement of product images for the new catalogue complemented his diverse tasks.

"It was a lot of fun to combine your job with your favourite sport," says Maximilian Lüke. Through his internship, the international management student was able to expand his network and is still in contact. He is now writing his bachelor thesis in cooperation with adidas. "It is about the recognition value of adidas brand footballs and the role of product design in differentiating them from competitors. A round thing!


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