Trendence Ranking


Eight categories - eight times Top 10! In the Trendence Ranking, ISM makes it into the top 10 in comparison with other private universities in all categories, including International, Practical Orientation and Career Services. ISM receives the best marks from its students and alumni for its excellent service and advice.

ISM also performs well in an overall comparison with the 127 German universities included in the ranking. Here ISM made it into the top 10 in five of eight categories: Satisfaction with lecturers, practical relevance, internationality, service & consulting as well as location of campuses. ISM scores particularly well with its range of services and the advice it provides to its students. In a national comparison ISM is among the top three universities.

The survey also shows that ISM alumni have qualities and qualifications that are in absolute demand on the job market. Those who study at ISM are more likely to go abroad for an internship or to study, speak fluent English, are more willing to perform and are more resilient.