Forklift trucks, endless rows of shelves and hundreds of thousands of products await students at the LIDL logistics centre in Bönen. For first-year finance students, the first week of their studies took them on an excursion to the logistics center, which has only been open since 2013. There are 39 of them in Germany and 140 operate LIDL worldwide.

Not far from the A2, the site area of the logistics center is spread out over 250,000 square meters - good for the numerous trucks that drive up every day to pick up and unload goods. LIDL plant manager Andre Derichs guided the students through the "path of the goods", through the huge hall and explains how you can see which products in the assortment work well or not.

Real estate manager Robert Brzezinski then explained to them, the connection between the building, sales and maintenance of a LIDL operational readiness level. In addition, there were a lot of figures, which also play a role also in the Finance Bachelor. "It should be fun to shop with us," is the motto at LIDL. That's why the company wants to transform all its branches into modern, fully glazed buildings in the future. This will give customers a completely new shopping experience.

Heike Thiemian, Human Resources Manager at LIDL, gave the students information about entry opportunities at LIDL. Finance studies, for example, opportunities in the areas of finance, controlling or financial accounting. "Those responsible made a lot of effort to make us understand the complexity of the corporate structure," says Julian Hahn, who is already looking forward to further excursions in his financial studies. "It was a very informative excursion.


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