Seizing new opportunities and having the courage to leave your comfort zone! - In the second pandemic year, the ISM community has remained absolutely true to its sprit. The last issue of ISM NEWS focuses on ‘new beginnings’ and is dedicated to the various achievements and activities of our current and former students.

Hot on the heels of graduation came the first real job: starting a career marks the beginning of a new and exciting phase in your life – and this was also true for Naomi Möller. After successfully completing her Master’s degree in Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management in the 2021 spring term, she is now kick-starting her career at Gucci as a Financial Controller.

Discovering new horizons, for example, was international ISM student James Matete’s motivation for moving from Kenya to Germany. Professionally, former ISM students Sebastian Rux and Alexandra Tymann have pressed the restart button; after several years in a full-time job, they have both decided to become self-employed. While Alexandra has co-founded a sustainable startup, Sebastian is now busy as a keynote speaker and coach.

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