Problem solving with Design Thinking: During the IBM workshop, ISM students put the methodology into practice./Photo: IBM

What are the advantages of the Design Thinking method and how do you put it into practice? Our students at ISM Frankfurt got the opportunity to engage with consultants from IBM and learn about the practical use of the problem-solving approach first-hand.

As one of the leading IT companies in the world, IBM not only provides hardware and software, but also offers consulting strategies, innovations and services on a global market. During the workshop at ISM, the consultants offered an insight into the IBM way of problem solving. Through various exercises the student groups were able to dive into team building skills, use the design thinking method to find solutions and capture a business to customer experience.

“This approach also fits logistical and supply chain environments where processes, inputs and outputs are constantly being reinvented”, explains Andre Cave. The ISM student of M.Sc. International Logistics & Supply Chain Management was thrilled to work with the ISM professionals and get to know more about the Design Thinking method. “I look forward to implementing these techniques on a professional and personal level. I feel these methodologies and techniques could be applied in all aspect of our lives.”