MBA student group in South Korea

You want to study part-time and still collect memories abroad? That’s no problem in the MBA program! ISM student Ravinder Atwal has just returned from the module abroad in South Korea and has gained many new insights through her intercultural experiences: “The trip definitely made me more sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of the people I am interacting with as one tries to understand why they are behaving or acting a certain way.” A lecture on Korean culture and business etiquette provided helpful input on this topic. During the one-week course trip, the students also heard lectures on global supply chain management and visited the Bosch plant in Daejeon.

Learning for your career path

At the end of the lecture week, the students were able to get to know a traditional Hanok Village during a day trip with Korean students. In addition, they used the time to explore South Korea as a study group: “As my fellow students and I arrived in South Korea the weekend before the start of the module, we were able to use the first weekend for sightseeing in Seoul. In Daejeon we also tried to visit as many different places as possible after our classes. We went to various photo booth stores, which are quite popular in South Korea, as well as to karaoke bars. We were able to gain many insights into Korean culture in a very short time. Every day was very eventful and exciting.” Therefore, the trip was also an enrichment for Ravinder's personal career path. “To learn about the South Korean culture and their way of thinking will be quite helpful while doing business with them or even other Asian countries.”
In the part-time MBA, you will spend three one-week modules abroad. The courses are traveling to India, the USA, and South Korea.
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