Long-distance ceremony: Since Maria (middle) is currently in the Dominican Republic, Prof. Dr. Anna Quitt (Head of Campus Frankfurt, left) and Inka Weinhold (International Office, right) awarded the prize via Skype.

Each year, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) awards a prize to international students at German universities. Besides her excellent academic achievements, Maria Perez Phipps of ISM Frankfurt stood out due to her social commitment and received the award worth €1,000.

In her home country, the Dominican Republic, the 25-year-old participated in a Christmas Charity Program for children with limited opportunities and helped organize coastal clean-ups. She recently contributed to an entrepreneurship project created by the Vicepresidency of the Dominican Republic and the UN by recruiting and mentoring young innovators in a competition to develop tech-based solutions for the country’s development challenges.

„Being committed to social activities has helped me grow both in my professional and personal life,“ explains Maria. „Being able to learn from different cultures, communities, education and styles of living has become key to help others in my country.“ To strengthen this valuable exchange, the International Office helps international students on their way to Germany and supports them on-campus during their stay.