ISM students have founded a number of student clubs, ranging from consulting (AK ConsultISM) and tourism (AK TourISM) to politics (AK PolitISM) and finance (AK Banking). AK Support, for example, is involved with social projects. Its members support charitable organizations by distributing food to needy people. Participating in these clubs and activities is an excellent way to gather experience. Students meet new friends, practice teamwork skills, and make valuable contacts in the business world. More information on these clubs and their activities is available in the ISM-Net Community.

ISM Student ClubsExtracurricular Activities

ISM students also enjoy participating in sports. The ISM Sports Club, for example, organizes tournaments in soccer, tennis or other activities, not only within the ISM, but also in competition with other universities. Another popular activity among ISM students is the Running Dinner. Here, students, lecturers, alumni and staff members come together to cook a three course menu, each course being prepared at a different house or flat. Like students all over the world, ISM students love to party, and they often flock to the numerous parties organized by the party committee. These parties are a great chance to meet local students and have lots of fun!