Julian Dörr completed a six-month internship at “Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited” in the Indian city of Mumbai. The 24-year-old student was employed in the “Sales Steering” department and was primarily responsible for process automation. “As the company was not founded until 2007, and is thus still relatively young, many of the processes are still carried out manually. It is hoped that the workload on staff will be reduced and the number of errors cut by automating processes,” explains Julian Dörr.

Towards the end of 2011, the department turned its attention to scheduling production for 2012. The internship provided him with a lot of practical insights. “I am now fully aware of how such a large group actually functions, which problems can arise between a subsidiary and its foreign parent company, and the effect of market entry procedures.” Julian believes the automotive sector is the ideal setting for his future career activities. “For me personally, it is important to work in an international environment and to be involved in challenging projects. All this can be found in the automotive industry.”