Jasmin Mertens spent a semester in South Korea as part of her master’s degree course in International Management at ISM Dortmund. “Studying at the Kyung Hee University was an extremely positive experience – although it took a little while to become accustomed to my new surroundings. Koreans are renowned for being quite shy so it obviously took longer to get to know people. But in the end everything turned out fine.”

The atmosphere at the ISM partner university was very international due to the large number of exchange students. “I studied four subjects and thus undertook the same workload as Korean students at the university. Completing large amounts of work, burning the midnight oil in the library and working in groups are common aspects of student life in Korea.” Back in Dortmund she is profiting from the many challenges she experienced during her semester abroad. “Immersing yourself in another culture helps to broaden your horizons. No matter where you go afterwards – your attitudes will have changed and allow you to view things from a different perspective.”