ISM professor Dr. Moritz Peter, along with his co-authors Prof. Dr. Christoph Bode from the University of Mannheim and Prof. Dr. Stephan Wagner from ETH Zürich, has received the Best Paper Award in the category "Best Theory Driven Empirical Research Paper from a Decision Science Institute (DSI)" for his research paper "Responding to Supplies Suffering Financial Distress".

The focus of the research work, which was initiated in 2012, centres on dealing with suppliers suffering financial difficulties. "I am delighted to have won this award," says Prof. Dr. Moritz Peter. "It motivates me to carry out further practically-relevant research projects in collaboration with other universities and companies."

The Decision Science Institute is a professional organisation of university academics, students and practitioners interested in the quantitative and qualitative research of decision-making problems related to individuals, organisations and associations.