Laura Wolke

The latest fashion with ultra-modern, holistic interior design presented, current lifestyles illuminated in the best light and fine fabrics set in scene: The Bachelor students in the 6th semester Global Brand & Fashion Management and the Master students Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management were guests at the shop fitting company Dula. There they had the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the fascinating world of holistic store design and exclusive interior design.

After being welcomed by the Managing Director Heinz-Herbert Dustmann, who has also been President of the Dortmund Chamber of Industry and Commerce since 2016, and his wife Marisa Dustmann, the former ISM student Lutz Kneifel guided the fashion management students through the shop fitting company. Kneifel works as a key account manager for the Dula Group and took a lot of time to answer all questions individually.

The internationally active company for integrated shopfitting with headquarters in Dortmund has production facilities in Germany, Spain and Russia as well as sales, planning and project offices in Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Russia, France, Dubai and Lithuania. In addition to the electronics giant "Apple", Dula's customers include Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Zara. The ISM students were able to view 3D animations and photorealistic designs at the Dortmund Dula Studio and see how the global players are being advised by Dula in the planning and design of their stores. Creativity and imagination are stimulated on more than 1,000 square meters so that individual solutions can take shape.

Laura Wolke is studying Global Brand & Fashion Management in her 6th semester and is enthusiastic: "The sustainable company acts globally and cooperates with the largest brands in the world. The showrooms in particular were very impressive. It was possible to see the different ways in which a room and its products can be effective. We have already covered RFID technology (radio-frequency identification) in detail during our fashion management studies, so it was all the more interesting to see this future technology live in practice. Shop design is also part of the curriculum. It was impressive to what extent the materials and furniture used in the store influence our purchasing behavior. During the subsequent tour of the company's own high-quality brand store DUSTMANN., we were able to see directly from the carpet, for example, where the customer should look at the products in peace".

Another highlight of the excursion was the Dula lighting studio. Of course, the students know from their brand and fashion management studies how important the right lighting is for the sale of goods. With the help of the latest lighting technology, they were able to experience a multimedia show with lighting visions and fascinating lighting dramaturgy up close. The art of creating exciting, varied and emotional lighting based on economic planning was impressively demonstrated.

Laura Wolke could also imagine working for Dula, the creative director: "The family-run company conveys a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, they work together with global brands, so that I could make the most of the experience I gained during my international studies at ISM."


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