ISM students at the Dortmund campus designed a "Balance Lounge" as a meeting place for students, teaching staff and administration. The idea: various creative activities and sustainability events that are intended to contribute to health prevention and raise awareness of sustainable business practices.

ISM student Oskar Stefanski from the student team presented the project and explained how it relates with results that studies on sports point out: "It was our goal to use sports in the workplace in such a way that it not only improves mood, but also promotes stress reduction by giving students and employees a place to switch off and socialize."

The project should focus on the development of the human resource, as ISM Professor Timo Zimmermann advised the study group: "While machines are getting better at being machines, people need to get better at being more human."

Prof Zimmermann has already developed study projects and sustainability concepts for equestrian sports and swimming in our bachelor's degree programme in International Sports Management and the master's degree programme in Strategic Sports Management. A further practical project is planned in football with Borussia Dortmund.

Second prize for Balance Lounge 2

Photos: Jan Heinze / Volksbank: Congratulations went to the winners in the student team: Levinia Leni Niepmann, Oskar Stefanski, Max Menges, Fynn Kreutzkamp and Tim Kohlschmidt.

More about the team's winning concept can be read in this article on our website.

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