Excited for the future: With the help of the Deutschlandstipendium, Andrés can pursue his goals with even greater focus.

Andrés Ruiz just started his master’s degree in International Management at ISM Dortmund. For the student from Uruguay, it’s a dream come true to expand his knowledge and global network while studying abroad.

His dream became even better when Andrés found out that he is one of the ISM students receiving the Deutschlandstipendium, which provides financial and non-material support to high-achieving and committed students from all over the world. „Beside the economic support, this scholarship also represents a recognition of my previous academic achievements and a motivation to master this new challenge successfully“, says Andrés. „I feel a responsibility towards ISM and the sponsors placing their faith in me by granting me this scholarship.”

With his financial situation eased by the scholarship, Andrés can focus solely on his studies and is excited for what’s to come: „I expect this program to help me grow as a professional and as a person, providing me with state-of-the art knowledge and enhancing my personal and social capabilities. I would like to work with SMEs later, helping them develop and grow in a sustainable way for the future.”

All recipients of the Deutschlandstipendium: Johanna Echterhoff, Moritz Henkel, Sina Müller, Katharina Niehaves, Pascal Niklas, Lida Ormol, Andrés Ruiz, Elena Zipfel