Nadine Hundsdorfer

Anyone looking for the roots of the automotive industry will sooner or later end up in Gaggenau. Here, in the tranquil Murgtal valley near Karlsruhe, the traditional Mercedes-Benz plant was founded in 1894.

During this period she was employed in a project office called "Kaizen@Gaggenau", where everything revolves around improvement and change measures. "Daimler attaches great importance to continuous improvement and to ensuring the positive development of all employees and processes. With a multi-project management approach, the Kaizen office is able to implement changes across all hierarchical levels," explains Nadine Hundsdorfer. She also points out parallels to the lectures of her International Management studies.

She was able to contribute her knowledge directly to her internship because the 22-year-old was regarded as a fully-fledged team member from day one. "In such a working environment, it was easy for me to let my creativity run wild," says Hundsdorfer. She put her ideas into practice in various projects, such as the conceptual planning and implementation of the in-house image campaign "This is our work". Whether it was an agreement with external agencies, the organisation of a photo shoot lasting several days or the development of new designs for the e-mail newsletter - the tasks were creative, strategic and planning.

The student's conclusion after her time in Gaggenau, during which she gained a lot of new experience, is correspondingly positive. "I was particularly surprised by the corporate culture," she sums up, "I often heard in advance that the size of a company makes it difficult to achieve visible and significant changes. The work at Kaizen@Gaggenau convinced me completely of the opposite."


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