The integrated semester abroad took Tim Prüsener to San Diego. But the originally planned three months have now turned into five years. The city on the west coast of the USA, which is regarded as America's start-up Mecca, lived up to its name - and turned the ISM student into a successful company founder.

266 sunny days a year and beautiful beaches made it easy for Tim Prüsener to decide on a semester abroad in San Diego as part of his financial management studies. In fact, he liked it so much that he immediately started an MBA at California International Business University.However in the end, it was above all the innovative power of the city that kept him in the California metropolis. During his studies he founded the online marketing agency iCatch Marketing together with Christopher Wieseler, a fellow student from ISM times.

The adventure of self-employment began for the two ISM'lers directly with a successful marketing campaign for an American beer producer. In the meantime, iCatch Marketing has specialized in conversion and search engine optimization in addition to web design and development, in order to recruit customers for companies on the Internet. Prüsener is mainly active in the core areas of customer consulting, sales, project and financial management or, in short, as a "marketing superstar" - as it says on his business card. "I think that says more than CEO, COO or owner," explains the 30-year-old. "At least I have experienced that this title always brings me directly into conversation. Which can be an advantage - after all, he's always on the lookout for potential new customers.

Currently, the two ISM graduates employ seven people and plan to grow to 20 in the medium term. Teamwork with people who could hardly be more different represents the greatest challenge for examiners. "It is not always easy to reconcile the ideas and needs of designers, web developers and SEO experts," he explains. "But at the end of the day, it's this good collaboration that separates the wheat from the chaff. It's the difference between a good looking website and a website that looks great and generates and maximizes additional revenue".

Entrepreneurship is in his family: both his father and brother are successfully self-employed. It is therefore hardly surprising that the youngest son, after his financial studies, also embarked on this path. "Through several conversations about self-employment and my experiences as an employee, I became aware that I also want to achieve things myself instead of working on the success of others," he explains. The decision to do this in the USA seems logical: "Especially in the area of marketing, the new trends are set here and I am located in San Diego right at the source. In addition, there are generally few rules here for company founders, which makes the work much easier."


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