Field trip to BMW

In modern factories, many production steps already take place autonomously with the use of AI and robotics. This makes the analysis of data and the work of data scientists increasingly important. To gain insights into these processes, students from the Master’s program Business Intelligence & Data Science went on an excursion to the BMW plant in Munich. Students from other ISM Master's programs were invited as well. One of them is MBA student Ricky Braz: "The field trip was an exciting experience. We saw production lines, in which robots work independently without human interaction or input. Also, the sight of autonomous robots moving parts around the factory independently was a sign of the times ahead of us."

The students were given various behind-the-scenes insights and were able to witness the entire production process. "We could see how precision and quality control in luxury products are perfected by AI, robotics and sensor technology," explains ISM professor Dr. Andreas Widenhorn. The field trip was made possible by ISM alumnus and PhD student Richard Turinsky, who now works in advanced analytics at the BMW Group and was available to answer students' questions. In addition, the excursion participants were also able to chat with other BMW employees. "I particularly liked the opportunity to exchange ideas with the people on site and to discuss current issues together," reports Master's student David Peter Schneider.

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