A dream comes true: Studying in Germany

For Ahmad Firooz Ibrahimy a dream came true when he was awarded a scholarship to study M.Sc. Finance at ISM Frankfurt/Main. At winter semester 2017/18 he will start his master-program and tells us before, why studying in Germany is so important for him.

Mr. Ibrahimy, please tell us where exactly you come from and why you wish to study in Germany?

I am from Afghanistan. I was born and grown up in this war-torn country. I am currently living and working in Afghanistan.

I have always dreamed of studying in Germany. I have investigated about different countries in the world. However, I finally decided to go for Germany. Germany is one of the most popular destination among international students in the world. More than twelve percent of students at German universities come from abroad. Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.  I would like to state some important reasons as following: Every student is having a diverse range of study opportunities, the living expenses is really affordable comparing to other developed countries and while having an outstanding academic achievement, Students are having chances of receiving different scholarships for their studies. Furthermore Germany is a diverse country in the heart of Europe and one of the safest country on an international scale. One more important reason is that I can learn one famous language which can open many doors for my future. As you know, almost around 185 Million people worldwide can communicate / speak German.

Why did you choose the ISM and this specific course of studies?

Having chosen to pursue a master degree in finance at ISM has two sets of reasons. The first set of reasons is its relation to my vision and my education/expertise while the second is based on the existing need for qualified professional Afghans in this field. The study program is in line with personal vision, that is, “A developed, fair and poverty free Afghanistan, where everyone, men and women, lives a life with dignity”. I have studied economics (business administration department) in my university education and worked in the banking sector now for several years and have a clear picture of the situation in the fields of economy, development, business and financing in Afghanistan as well as relevant needs that should be addressed in order to boost the economic development of the country and consequently the lives of the people who are struggling with extreme poverty. The program can help me work towards my vision and strengthening my capacity. It clearly equips me with knowledge and skills to contribute in the development of business sector as an important prerequisite of an effective economic system in Afghanistan. With clear linkage that exists between business, economy and development, the course will extensively contribute to the development process in Afghanistan. Practically, this would mean that well-managed businesses with proper financial analyses will lead to better economy, higher incomes for the public sector, higher employment for the people which all together can gradually make Afghanistan a developed and fair place for all to live with dignity.

Do you already know the language and what are you expecting from your time in Germany?

I have recently started studying German language in Afghanistan.. As I have stated above that one of the reason for choosing Germany for my further studies is to learn German Language. I know, learning German will make my life much easier while being in Germany and can open doors for my future.

Institutional commitment, Quality of Training, Mentoring and career Development are my main and important expectations while being at ISM.

What does the scholarship mean for you personally?

Getting the scholarship is a great honor for me. Receiving the scholarship is not just receiving the money or discount for me, but it tells me that the hard work has really paid off. This scholarship for me is not the end but just the beginning.

“Think positive, it is good for your health,” this is what my parents have thought me since I was a child. Although devastation and war significantly destroyed my hometown Afghanistan during the last few decades, hope and optimism have kept us alive and strong. I was raised during twenty three years of war, yet survival had not been my only goal. Ever since I was a child, I have always had the dream of a better future, where my knowledge and expertise are needed to be a leader and an agent of change. Therefore, this scholarship will further help me achieve my goal.

Ahmad Firooz Ibrahimy has been awarded a scholarship to study at ISM.