Here to stay - Brazilian shares her experiences living in Germany

Ever since Isabelle Vieira Kuster was a little kid she wanted to move to Germany. In 2011 her dream finally came true when she left her home country Brazil to complete her high school in Berlin. After that she became clear that she will stay in the European country. In the interview she talks about her decision to study the master program Strategic Marketing Management at ISM, what she likes the most about her new home and what international students shouldn’t miss while being in Germany.  

Why did you choose to study the M.A. Strategic Marketing Management at ISM?

After my Bachelor`s degree in International Business Administration, I decided to focus more on Marketing, which is a subject I was the most interested in. The language was also an important factor: English courses with an international class in Germany.

What do you like the most about ISM?

The small classes – we have discussions with the professors, who know us by our names and are willing to give us personal help.

What did your family and friends think of your decision to study abroad?

I decided to move by myself to Germany at a very young age, so by now it is pretty much natural to everyone. But there is one thing they all say about Germany: It’s beautiful, secure in every way, and has the best beer. And I can only agree with them.

How did you adapt to living in a different country?

I learned the language and tried my best to connect with German people, so I could truly live the culture. People say Germans are cold, but they are nice and do not hesitate to help you.

What do you enjoy the most about your experience?

I like the landscape of Bavaria with all the lakes. I also enjoy the fact, that Germany is a small country, where it is easy to travel to different cities and countries.

What advice would you give students thinking about studying in Germany?

Learn some basic German before getting here and get a good jacket.

How do you think your time abroad has helped your career?

I have learned to adapt to different environments and to different people. I have an international mindset, and have learned new languages.

Do you have a recommendation for people visiting Germany?

The Oktoberfest. No cliché. It is just incredible.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to finish my studies at ISM and stay in Germany.

Isabelle (second from left) during a visit to Prag.